Guitar Teacher

Eduardo Flores Suarez

Eduardo has been a performing musician since 1978, attended Humber College of applied arts graduating class of 1984 with a major in composition and arranging. As a performing musician Eduardo has the opportunity to play various styles and venues, from local bars and dining rooms to Nassey Hall in Toronto and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Because of this, Eduardo has developed a large repertoire of style. He likes to brings music reading and stylistic knowledge together. In addition, he plays contemporary piano, bass and drums, allowing him to have an excellent overall picture of the groove. Last but definitely not least Eduardo is well acquainted with the workings of music theory, melodically harmonically and rhythmically, allowing him to extrapolate each portion of the music so to explain how they work together.

Guitar Instructors

Eduardo Flores Suarez
Dylan Phillips
Andrew Brittain
David Davies
David Brown